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Hi everyone,
Sorry for the late notice, However, due to the high number of enquiries about Native Instruments Maschine, I have decided to do a webinar consisting of a demo showing how accessible this DAW is, followed by Q and A. Whether you already use Maschine, or are just interested in checking it out, this is for you.

It will be a 3 PM UK time this afternoon on zoom.
Please see link below.
Looking forward to see you there!

Topic: Jay's Maschine Webinar, Live Demo Plus Q And A.
Time: Apr 1, 2020 03:00 PM London

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Submitted by Carlos Taylor on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

I would love to join, but have another web conference call scheduled for that time for work. Will this be recorded so we can hear this at a later time? I have Komplete Kontrol, but didn't know that Maschine was accessible as well.

Submitted by Remy on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

I have no interest in learning yet another DAW since I'm already very comfortable with Reaper, but I do use a lot of NI software as well as the Komplete Kontrol A61, so this would be interesting. Is this going to be recorded?

Submitted by Stoo on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Hi, sadly missed this afternoon as only just seen the post.

I'd love to find out more about how accessible this is, as was considering purchsing the Maschine MK3.

Any further info or a copy of today's broadcast would be fantastic in helping with my potential purchase.

Submitted by Stoo on Thursday, April 9, 2020

So, I decided to go with a purchase of a S61 MK2 for use with Komplete Kontrol. All good with accessibility, apart from major issues with integration into Logic using voiceover. If any of you guys use Komplete Kontrol inside Logic and can help give me some pointers it would be much appreciated.

Submitted by Stoo on Thursday, April 9, 2020

In reply to by Carlos Taylor

Thanks Carlos, I'll send a request over to join the groups.

If it's an easy answer, then the issue I'm having is that I am struggling to load an instance of Komplete Kontrol into a fresh project in Logic.

I'm a total newbie, so excuse any ignorance at what should be a simple thing.

My understanding is that I need to open the KK plugin in a software instrument track in the project.

However I can only seem to see a list of around 20 instruments to choose from in the stock Logic installation.
No Native Instruments plugins appear to me.
I'm probably looking in the wrong place, or doing something wrong!

If you can explain the steps to use voiceover to load KK into the project so it can be used with my S61 keyboard/controller then that would be super helpful.

The keyboard/controller works fine with accessibility mode enabled in stand alone using the KK software outside of Logic and the midi functions of the keys/transport buttons work on the keyboard/controller in Logic.
I just can't use the browse functions to access the instrument libraries because KK isn't installed as a software instrument.

Thanks and like I say, I'll drop a similar message to the user groups later if it's not a response that can be solved easily from within the comments section here.

Cheers, Stu.

Submitted by Carlos Taylor on Friday, April 10, 2020

There are a couple of ways to load Komplete Kontrol onto a track in Logic. From what you described, you were browsing the different presets of the default plugin that loads when you create a new software instrument track, EXS24. You’ll need to load the Komplete Kontrol plugin. Try this and let me know if it work’s for you. From your previous message, I’ll assume that you already know how to create a software instrument track and how to select that track. I’ll also assume that you are familiar with general navigation functions of VoiceOver. With all that said, do the following to load Komplete Kontrol.

1. If the inspector isn’t already in view, press I to show the inspector.
2. Navigate to the inspector and interact with it.
3. VO+Shift+end (VO+shift+fn+right arrow if you are on a laptop) to go to the last item in the inspector. VoiceOver should announce the item as “Mixer layout area.”
4. Interact with the “Mixer layout area.” Now navigate to the classic electric piano channel strip group and interact with it.
5. VO+home to go to the first item in this group.
6. Now navigate to the E-Piano group and interact with it.
7. From within the E-Piano group, navigate to the list button and press VO+spacebar. A menu should appear.
8. From within the menu, navigate to the AU instruments, Native Instruments, Komplete Kontrol, then choose stereo. This will load the Komplete Kontrol plugin onto your software instrument track. Now you can access various instruments by browsing on your S-61 keyboard just like you did in Komplete Kontrol standalone. Of course, depending on your computer, you can load different instances of Komplete Kontrol on different software instrument tracks with various instruments on those tracks.

Submitted by John Gurd on Friday, April 10, 2020

I just bought a new MacBook Pro knowing it has the Touch Bar having heard it is accessible and powerful enough to run Logic. I've never used a Mac before so I have a learning curve ahead of me. My question is: is Logic 10 heavily dependent on using the Touch Bar/Function keyes? I am concerned because I have since heard that although technically the Touch Bar is accessible it is very cumbersome to use. Would I be better returning the MacBook Pro and getting a MacBook Air with function keyys? Is the new MacBook Air even powerful enough to run Logic 10 with a Native Instruments S61 keyboard and plug-in?