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Greetings all,
Does anyone know of a tagging/renaming tool for the mac that will name files based on Artist and track title? I just finished downloading bunches of my music in better quality from iTunes match, but they aren’t named correctly. For instance, “Unwound” from George Strait just says, 01 Unwound. I want it to say, “George Strait - 01 - Unwound”
Also, I have lots of billboard hits that have perfect tagging. Again though, it just says, track number followed by title. I want artist, Track num, then title. It's obvious that I don't want to have to spend hours naming everything by hand. Is there any way to achieve this? Just in case there may be confusion, I don’t need to write the ID tags for the tracks, I want to name the files based on the tags. Thanks.



Submitted by DPinWI on Wednesday, August 27, 2014

One thing I miss from the days I used Windows Media Player, is the ability to set this in the software. You could tell WMP what to name the files based on a selection of fields and I think even the order. If you find something, I hope there's a Windows counterpart I can use for those times when I want to export files, with something more helpful than the short file names.

Submitted by dvdmth on Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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What you're looking for is an app that will rename files based on ID3 tags.

I just tried a Google search, and I found a number of apps for both Mac and Windows that claim to be able to do this, but I have never used any of them myself. I tried downloading a couple of free ones on my Mac, but the ones I tried were inaccessible. There are others, though, so if you want to try your luck, you might try searching yourself.

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