Is My Math Lab Accessible with VoiceOver on the Mac?

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I'll be taking a math course next semester, and One of the main resources that we will be using is Pearson's my math lab. Through my research on it, I was only able to find information about jaws accessibility. Has anyone used this website for a math class before that can comment on it's accessibility? I've been using the 2 week free trial but I can't seem to figure much out and was hoping I was just missing something.
Thanks for any help!



Submitted by Jordan on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I had a similar thing to be used in my Operations Management class called My OM Lab from Pearson. It was inaccessible since all the numbers in the paragraphs etc were graphical images. Well, since the professor I had was less than accomodating, let's just say that much more problems than I even knew about were uncovered by the DOJ's investigation, and that professor lost her job, and most likely lost her job at the other universities she was teaching at. The best thing you can do really is give it a shot and see if My Math Lab is accessible. Hopefully, things will be smoother for you.

Submitted by Kyle on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

i found it to be mostly accessible on windows with nvda. the only thing i couldn't access was the flash content. but they may not even use that on safari. they'are getting better with it and i'd give it a hesitant nod and say you should be fine.

Submitted by Brie96 on Monday, January 4, 2016

Sorry for the very delayed reply.
I've done some experimenting and found that it is pretty much in accessible, unless there is something I'm missing. Through emails with them, it seems that they do not understand the difference between voiceover and JAWS, because despite telling them that I am not using JAWS, they continue to send me accessibility information for it. They even sent me a link to Macfortheblind. I'm not sure how they intended that website to be useful in figuring out my math lab.
Regardless, it's pretty unfortunate. Some assignments should at least be accessible, especially when they are text based with no mathamatical equations or graphs.