My Mac El Capitan Internet Connection is slow

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Hello guys,
I upgraded to El Capitan two days ago, and now I found that my Internet is really slower than before. It takes a lot time to load a page. I have a Mac mini. Does something wrong with the new OS X?



Submitted by Piotr Machacz on Friday, October 9, 2015

I may be totally off, but on my macbook pro, as well as a few other machines I've heard about from other people, there are some big conflicts in regards to wi-fi and bluetooth being on at the same time where wi-fi performance becomes really bad, packets are dropped, pings get very high, etc. Sadly the only sure way I know of to fix this is to either stop using one or the other, turn bluetooth off and, if you were using a bluetooth keyboard switched to one that's wired, or turn off wifi and connect your mac to the internet via ethernet. I've actually had this problem way before El Capitan, and it's not a hardware problem because things seem to work properly on bootcamp. Of course, it could be something else entirely.