Music App Focus Issues

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Since upgrading to Monterey, the Music app is very buggy. I believe it is a focus issue. I have a lot of music and I usually view my library in Songs mode using the column browser. I use VO J to jump from the sidebar to the browser and to the Table of songs. However, frequently, I am placed in a scroll area and, when I interact, I seem to be placed in a grid that is difficult to navigate with VO. It seems that the VO curser and keyboard cursor stop syncing. This happens frequently, but not all of the time.
Also, when I am adding songs to a playlist, I typically invoke the context menu on the song, and select Add to Playlist. However, sometimes, the first song in the list is added to the playlist instead of the one that I was focussed on. I noticed that if I use the menu bar (Song > Add to Playlist) this will usually work.
I hope I have explained this problem clearly. It all seems to relate to VO stopping tracking the keyboard curser. The VO Command F4 does not work to put theVO and keyboard cursers in sync.
This is very frustrating since I create a lot of playlists.
I will give Apple Accessibility a call. Just wondering if anyone has encountered this problem.