Mouse focus jumps around and VO announces "Application Dialogue"

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i am partially sighted and use both Zoom and VoiceOver together. I navigate mostly by mouse pointer using the touchpad. This combination was brilliant before Catalina.
Since updating, I find that the mouse pointer jumps around in certain circumstances, such as typing in Mail, selecting a dropdown list in most apps or reading a webpage in Safari. usually, when it jumps around the words "Application Dialogue" is announced and the reading that VO was doing is stopped.
I have reported it to Apple and they can't recreate the issue, has anyone else experienced this?



Submitted by Scott Field on Thursday, October 17, 2019

i found the issue. it is when Zoom window follows keyboard cursor that the jumping around and announcing of "Application Dialogue" ever present. Unselect the tracking and it works perfectly, but of course now it doesn't track my typing which is not great at all.