Mountain lion 10.8.2: annoying issue regarding bluetooth

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Hi, I am using a macbook pro, and a bluetooth keyboard Apple Wireless Keyboard (the computer stays on the table, i use the keyboard wherever i wish). I updated to 10.8.2 yesterday and noticed an annoying issue: after rebooting, bluetooth keyboard stopped working i went to my computer and pressed the Vo M M command to access the extras menu; tried to deactivate bluetooth, it seemed to work but the focus stayed stuck to the extras menu. then, same operation. tried to reactivate it. But voiceover told me bluetooth was always active! I mean, bluetooth status did not update even if i deactivated it. I tried to press the deactivate menu item again, to see what the keyboard did, it did not respond in each case. So, trying the longer way: system preferences, bluetooth, then select the proper checkbox in that case the bluetooth activated and deactivated correctly and the keyboard behaves as usual, continuing responding when bt is activated from there! But I wish to have my Extras menu working back again! Well, I just wrote a mail to the accessibility team, I would not like to waste time I am quite sure about the issue, as it has been tried in 2 computers: mine and my boyfriend's So, I'd be pleased to receive other feedbacks from applevis community, as I wouldn't like to look as a fool, with the accessibility team! thanks!



Submitted by David Woodbridge on Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hi, just tried this now, and everything worked as normal under the Extras menu/Bluetooth pairing to my Apple Bluetooth keyboard. David

so what's going on: you and another person from another mailing list do not have the problem me, my boyfriend and another close friend of ours, has the problem. this guy cannot pair the keyboard any way!

Submitted by Maria on Saturday, September 22, 2012

HI. Not experiencing any issues with my blue tooth keyboard. I updated mountain lion and rebooted and the blue tooth keyboard came up working fine.