More bugs found in macOS 10.13

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hi to all, do other people notice that when in pages and you get to the end of a document, that voiceover bounces you out of the document area in mac osx 10,13? also, when trying to edit in an e-mail any text typed it appears that voiceover is not tracking the cursor focus. is this behaviour noticable to other people? thanks, Will



Submitted by Ekaj on Monday, November 20, 2017

I've noticed a bit of this but not all. I have only read documents in Pages thus far, but have indeed been bounced out of the Document Layout area a few times by VoiceOver. For me at least, this behavior seems to be temperamental. Regarding the email issue, I haven't noticed it when typing the body of an email but when navigating among the various fields VoiceOver's behavior seems a bit wonky. For the most part though I've had no issues.