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Hey everyone. I wanted to know if anyone has used or uses microsoft word with mac os. As of late, I have noticed it keeps saying the area where text is supposed to be entered is an empty layout area or an empty scroll area. In addition, when I input text into the program it doesn't read any of what I'm doing and I can't scroll through the text by any means of navigation. Any ideas? I need this program for school since pages has problems with formatting in terms of conversion into word.



Submitted by peter on Wednesday, February 12, 2020

On a related topic, I've been trying to use MS Word on my iPhone for a long, long time now. Although I can input text and navigate using standard VoiceOver bluetooth hotkeys, selecting parts of text with Option+ArrowKeys makes the selection but the selections are never spoken with Voiceover, making it impossible to edit text reliably. I've been complaining to Microsoft for well over a year now and this problem has never been addressed. So I wouldn't be surprised that Word on the Mac doesn't work well with VoiceOver either.

I'm guessing that because of these issues most VoiceOver users stay away from using Word. In either case, I haven't gotten much response from the AppleVis community about using MS Word.

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