Mail on a Mac - a few questions

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I found David's Podcast on using Apple mail very helpful, but I have a few things I can't figure out how to do. First, I like to read my newest email first, so I've sorted them by descending date; this works. However, sometimes I end up at the bottom of the list, rather than the top or I have lots of new emails and I want to jump to the top, I'm using a Mac Air, but using fn-VO-left arrow doesn't work nor does adding the shift to this command. Any suggestions? The other issue, which I can do on Windows with Outlook, is finding a specific sender. If I sort by "from" i can type the first few letters of the sender name and jump to that point on the list of emails. When I press a letter on the Mac, I simply get the ding that indicates that you can't enter text. Any way to jump to a specific sender? THanks for any suggestions.



Submitted by Chelsea on Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hi, I have a MacBook Air as well, and jumping to the top and bottom of things got very annoying for me. so I used the VO trackpad commander and assigned a gesture with modifier key to jump to the top and bottom. For me, this is a flick up/down with command, but you can use whatever makes sense. To do this, open VO utility and navigate to the commanders category. If you would like more details, just ask. As far as searching for a particular person, you can do this very easily on the Mac. If your desired sender is in the inbox, for instance, interact with the messages table and start typing the first few letters quickly. VO will announce changes if you are on the "from" field. The only reason I can think of as to why you're getting the error ding is if you aren't interacted with the messages table or are trying to use the actual mail search function in the toolbar, which I've found to be temperamental at best under Mountain Lion. Hope this helps you out with Mail. I personally never used a client under Windows and love it now.