macOS Monterey Activities, and language switching; bug or by design?

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Today is activities bugs day :-)

I have latest version of macOS Monterey on macBook Pro 2019, 15 inch version.

I have setuped my mac like this
Voice Over > Speach >
Default English - Alex Voice
Language Specific Czech - Suzana Voice

I configured activity to activate when I visit website. I also configured activity to use English Alex voice.

I open Safari and it speaks with Czech - Suzana voice wich is fine and expected.
I navigate to and my voice is still Czech altough I setup English Alex to be activated.

I tried VO_X to see if activity is active. It says "applevis current" so activity is active but voice is
being ignored.

I'm pretty sure that this behavior was on previos version but I didn't use mac so oftern so it didn't bother me so much.

Anyone has a solution or this is another bug ?

Many thx!