macOS Mojave - there is no send button in messages app

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First of all sorry about my bad English. I have to mention that Iam a long ios user on Iphone and Ipad but recently Iam a macOs user as well. This is my first time using mac and VoiceOver

Iam learning by reading Apple help.

I have a problem using messages app. If I select some conversation that I wish to replay. I write a message but there is no send button. Only button that VoiceOver reads is Send Audio Message and Emoji button.

Strange thing is if i use command+return message is sent with no problems.

Is anyone experiencng any similar issue ?

Many thx



Submitted by Paul Martin on Thursday, March 14, 2019

it sure isn't an issue, for folks not using Voiceover do it the same way when typing messages.
By the way, you don't need to use command enter, just enter sends forth the message just fine.

Thx for your reply. It whas my mistake assuming there is a send button. I whas imaging it like a Iphone messages app and ipad.