macOS 10.12.1, a problem with speech function

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Hi there.
I use MBP 2013 late, macOS 10.12.1 now.
I've used speech in preview app when I read PDF files on my work place. Then, since I upgraded macOS 10.12, got a problem.
It's that don't read focused page. It read from beginning to end.
It's really really make me crazzy to work.

Is there anyone like me? I wanna know how to solve it. I said this problem to Apple before upgraded 10.12.1. but it is same.

I wanna know how to read each page of PDF file using Speech on preview app.

Thank you.



Submitted by Anna on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Hello, I just updated and I am having this exact problem! I haven't been able to find answers anywhere. Did you ever solve this issue?

Submitted by Justin on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I'd say your best bet is to just read the preview document with Voiceover without doing the speech thing in the edit menu if thats what you're talking about. Also, take note, when using VO and you do a say all command in preview it won't read like it did previously. You'll have to use the read commands for VO to read the document.