MacBook Pro With TouchBar Key Combination process And Accessibility

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Hi everyone. Today it's my first post so hope everyone likes it and will reply as soon as possible. Also please let me know if I did anything wrong when doing this post. My questions are regarding the MacBook Pro With TouchBar. How can I do a keystroke or shortcut for example Function Key 1 + Alt and K? I mean what are the steps after you press the Function Key in the row of the Space bar Etc? Does will Voiceover read the function keys in the Touwhch Bar keys directly? Would the process be to first press and hold the function key in the spacebar row, then hold down the Alt + K and double tap the Function on the TouchBar which a person wants? In this case Function key 1. Let me know please if I'm doing something wrong and please be as detailed as possible. Thank you very much!



Submitted by Justin on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I've got the new 15 inch map with touch bar. What I do to activate the function keys on the touch bar is to press the FN key, the one that on the lower left of the keyboard and then you can slide up to the bar and pfind whatever F key 1 thru 12 that you want.
If you don't hold the FN key then the touch bar will revert to the display brightness, keyboard illumination, media keys, etc. I don't use context sensitive touch bar, as I don't need it. I find the application specific controls on the touch bar are not necessary. I just use the control strip.
Also, if you wish to escape, apple has implemented a keystroke for that. Hold the FN key down, and hit tab. thats the other way of doing it except the touch bar has the escape key in it next to where the function keys would be.