Mac VoiceOver support for commenting, track changes, formatting, and proof reading for legal professionals

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Dear all,

I am a corporate lawyer based out of India. I am completely blind. While I have been using IPhone for years now, but I haven't switched to Mac due to it's limited support for legal professionals. And with the updates in the Mac OS, just wanted to seek opinions to see if things have improved.

Usually, as a legal professional, one is required to:

1. Deal with track changes, where even knowing the count of track changes, the author name, the change type, among others is a critical information.

2. Commenting: Insert, delete, reply, edit and done.

3. Formatting: applying various attributes, such as same font with different sizes, different fonts, underlines, italics, colors, among others. Equally, the ability to be able to identify those attributes in the documents through the screen reader is critical.

4. Jumping between color changes: In jaws, we usually do it through text analyser. Not sure if VoiceOver on Mac can facilitate the same.

5. Dealing with borders, shades, indenting, spacing, symbols, among others.

6. Using navigation commands for jumping between paragraphs, sentences, lines, among others.

7. The ability to be able to deal with the complex web pages, pdf documents.

8. Lastly, any compatibility issues you are aware of due to cross platforms usage between screen readers? For example, PDF generated in Mac have compressed fonts, which cannot be read by screen readers on Windows, unless you provide the complete font typeset using Acrobat Pro.

Ideally, I wouldn't prefer the approach of using Windows on Mac and prefer to switch once the screen reader on Mac is proficient.

Your thoughtful responses will be appreciated.

Amar Jain