mac is too verbose

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Hi all,

I love my mac, but I find a much slower to browse the web with it verses windows because it's too verbose and I don't think I have the best settings applied in voiceover for optimum use. If you have settings you love, let me know and maybe you could share your settings files with me, or share via text how you have it set up. For example, when reading facebook, I just want the info, not the "end of comment region and so forth. Any ideas to make using my mac a faster and more streamlined experience would be greatly appreciated.



Submitted by Herbie Allen on Friday, April 30, 2021

One thing I recommend is turn the Verbosity to low, and turning off all those hints will help.

Submitted by Kevin Shaw on Saturday, May 1, 2021

I run VoiceOver with no sounds, low verbosity and a few tweaks, such as tones for links. I turn off web page summaries and automatically read the web page when loaded.
You can disable the control type if you don't want to hear items read out as buttons.