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When using the calculator on the Mac Pro book, what keys/key combination represent the +, -, =, and other numeric symbols?



Submitted by David Woodbridge on Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hi, The first thing I do with the Calculator is to turn it into a talking calculator by going to the speech menu within the Calculator application and turning on both the speech options. So when you type something like: 4 + (plus) 4, you'll hear the system say 4 Plus 4 and when you press the Enter key, the result will be spoken. This will be true for the symbols on the keyboard. For example: Slash (/): will say divided by, Dash (-): will say minus, Plus (+): will say plus, and Star (*): will say times. So if you typed 4 * 4 and pressed enter: 16 will be announced. Just keep in mind, that you have to turn the speech options on for the Calculator to speak. Of course if you wanted to get fancy, you could use the VoiceOver trackpad commander to use the Calculator (smile). Hope this helps. David

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