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I have tested more file server software on Windows than I care to admit. I settled for something insecure called HFS. I really like the capabilities of CrushFTP but the developer himself told me his contractors and he himself can not focus on accessibility in regards to the web interface. When I switched to Mac OS X I tried the respective client only to be disappointed once more. He was notified and replied with the same grim ‘nothing is promised’ rundown. I explained to him how amazing Y-ARIA is when used properly and how simple mark-up can practically revolutionise screen reader accessibility. For instance, a huge issue with the web interface is practically all preferences are clickable elements which do not convey their state to any screen reader which includes VoiceOver. My point is it simply does not work for the blind.

Here I am still seeking a reliable file server for Mac OS X. I would like to set up secure user accounts and allow them to both upload and download either entire folders or individual files and optionally download them in bulk. Ideally, compression would be included but I would settle for that old TAR archive with none. HFS used TAR but at least it was very straightforward and allowed somebody I know very well to practically back up my entire hard drive years ago. It was accessible with JAWS although I wished it was capable of more. Some of the capabilities it did have for which I am seeking now are niceties such as sound effects for each event [download/upload start/stop/fail, server start/stop, connection/disconnection et cetera], banning IP addresses or ranges, connection limit settings, port changing, optionally synchronise with my DYN DNS account et cetera.

Now that I have finished my tangent, allow me to bring it back full circle. I know Mac OS X Server is now a separate app on the app store and the price seems decent for what I read it provides. The real question is: is it fully accessible when using VoiceOver? The second most important question is: will it do what I need it to? I will settle for HTTP as I have in the past but it would be nice to generate some certificates and use HTTPS. I do not need to run a web site as of now [I need a dedicated system for that to ensure maximum uptime] so my requirements, in my humble opinion, are fairly reasonable. I appreciate all feedback on the latest version of Mac OS X server so I will know whether or not to make the purchase. Moreover, any other suggestions are appreciated.



Submitted by Usman on Saturday, August 2, 2014

I would also like to know this. In my ladder years of my college degree, we do a lot of surfer applications and implementation and I would like to do these on the mac.

Submitted by Jim on Saturday, August 2, 2014

I use the OS X server at work to manage many iPads and iPod touches. The application interface is accessible to manage the server to set it up on the actual computer, but the web interface to manage profiles and devices could be better. You won't have any issues if your going to work on the actual computer that the server is running on.

Submitted by Brother J. on Sunday, August 3, 2014

I will be using the same system on which I plan to set up the server. Will it do what I need it to do?