Mac Mini with Bootcamp and windows

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Hello everyone,
I’ve been thinking about replacing my current home computer and was wondering whether Mac Mini is a suitable option. I would like to get a taste of Mac OS and since I use a windows machine, I would also prefer to have that. I’ve heard that recent Mac minis, even the basic version come with good specs. My usage involves browsing, a bit of audio editing, playing audio games, watching movies etc.
So, what’s the experience with bootcamp and windows on Mac Mini?
Thank you



Submitted by Joseph Westhouse on Thursday, March 19, 2020

Mac Minis are very solid machines. I've never dual-booted on a Mac Mini, but the refurbished Mac Mini in my office runs as well or better than my mid-2014 MacBook Pro that I boot to Windows just fine. So I expect any of the modern Mac Minis would probably be about the best Windows computer you've ever owned. If your experience is anything like mine, though, you'll find yourself booting to Windows a lot less than you expect. All that to say, my personal recommendation would be 100% to go for it, with the caveat that I don't have direct experience booting Windows on a Mini, just on a MBP with comparable hardware.