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I signed into iCloud properly in system preferences. Calendar appears to be receiving calendar events from iCloud because if I create a calendar event on my iPhone, it will appear on my Mac calendar.

The only problem is that if I create the event on the Mac it will not appear on iCloud on the Internet or on my iPhone. I logged into and the event is not there.

I also noticed that when I created an event on my Mac and tried to post on my Google calendar, it will not go to the Internet either. When I create a calendar event on the iPhone and select the Google calendar it will appear on the Mac and on iCloud.

When a family member creates an event on our family calendar it appears on both the iPhone and the Mac. However, when I create a calendar event on the Mac and try to select the family calendar, it appears on the Mac. It does not appear on the iPhone, iCloud on the web, or the other person’s family calendar.

On the Mac, in the Calendar Sources table, I only have the home, work, and family calendars that are directly under iCloud. There does not appear to be any local calendars that are “on my Mac.”

I feel like I have read through a million message boards, signed in and out of iCloud, toggled on and off calendar in iCloud system preferences, and basically pulled out all of my hair. I checked my wi-fi connection and it is fine. It seems like a lot of people have the problem but nobody appears to have a working solution.

Can anybody shed some light on why events created on my Mac will not appear on the iPhone or the iCloud web site? Does anybody know about checking ports on the Mac? Could my ISP somehow be blocking something? I am way beyond warranty, so I cannot call Apple.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.



Submitted by Marc on Friday, March 18, 2016

I am not 100% sure exactly what I did to make this happen but here are some of the steps I took. Sorry, I cannot remember the exact order in which I performed them.

I signed out of iCloud on both the Mac and the iPhone
I removed my Apple ID from the family sharing that I was a part of
I signed back into iCloud on both devices
I had my wife invite me back into the family sharing group

I followed somebody’s advice that said to close the calendar event after I had created it. To do this is not so obvious. For example, here’s what I did:

Command N to create a new event
Name the event and add the date and time followed by Enter
Adjust the details and VO right arrow to the show button and VO space Bar
At this point, the calendar event disappears and you are back on the calendar
However, you still need to press command accent to switch windows within the application to find the calendar event dialogue
Now press command W to actually close the event dialogue

Now I can create new events on the Mac calendar and they appear on the Mac, the iPhone, iCloud, and Google calendar online. It worked for both my “home” iCloud calendar and the family shared calendar. I haven’t gotten around to trying to see how important it is to actually close the calendar event dialogue as described above.

Hopefully this helps out somebody else in the future.

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