Looking for a stripped down MP3 player for the Mac

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Can anybody recommend a minimalist application for playing MP3s on the Mac?

There are times when I just want to open a single MP3 track from within Finder, and iTunes seems overkill when all that I want is a bare bone player with little more than the basic playback controls.

I did take a quick look at Cog after finding it in the App Directory. It ticks most of my boxes, but I wasn't sure what some of its unlabeled checkboxes actually do.

So, any pointers to other options would be much appreciated.



Submitted by Sof on Monday, April 1, 2013

Hello, In my opinion, Cog is a good alternative but you have to use the last nightly build since its interface is simpler than in the oficial one. Just download it here: http://cogx.org/development.php You can also try Pinna http://pinnaplayer.com but keep in mind that it requires an iTunes music library to work, for the moment. HTH

Submitted by Mr Potato Head on Monday, April 1, 2013

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Many thanks for the pointer on Cog. As you say, the interface is better in this build. This is probably just what I need, but I will check out your other suggestion later, too.

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