Logic Pro or Amadeus Pro?

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I'm pretty much a newbie with audio production/creation, but am trying to learn it. I would like to make some projects that are basically stories which include sound effects. I am unsure whether Logic Pro or Amadeus Pro would be the best app to use. I have both apps, but can't really decide which one will be the best for this kind of task, as they both seem to have a lot of features, and the only difference being that Logic Pro appears to be much more aimed at music creation, which I'm not ready to tackle at this point, as it's very overwhelming for an unskilled person like me. :-)
If anyone could give me some feedback on this, it would be much appreciated. I'm sorry, if this topic doesn't really belong here. I've heard that there are audio related mailing lists for blind people, but don't know anything about any of them.

Thanks in advance.



Submitted by Igna Triay on Tuesday, August 22, 2017

it really depends on what your into, if you want to make music and such, use logic for that, but if you are more oriented to sound editing and such, go with amadeus. I use both, logic for recording songs that I make, but I still put it all together with amadeus. Hope this helps

Submitted by splyt on Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I have used Amadeus and between the two options you are considering it should be used.

However, I would learn audacity because it is:

a- More powerful (features such as trim silence, noise gate and others) not present on Amadeus PRO.
b- It will allow you to automate stuf once you know what you are doing ... bilieve me once you get to edit audio you will discover that there are lots of tasks you have to do over and over again.
c- There is a very nice list of people including audacity devs in the audacity for blind e-mails list. Google for the details on that list to get more information on it.
d- Audacity is free.
e- Lots of plugins available all apple plugins plus lots of other for you to use.