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Hi there,
While I was using my Mac air I realized that VO has some rudimentary understanding of the ways to pronounce letters of non-European languages.
Among those pronunciations, I found even Sinhala which is the national language of Sri Lanka, (some call it Sinhalese)
So I was wondering that if the voice of Alex in particular could articulate certain letters of the aforesaid language, wouldn't there be a possibility for me to get it to read the content in Sinhala / Sinhalese coherently as well.
As a matter of fact the synthesizer called E-Speek which is used in the Windows-based screen reader NVDA, has support for this language. I could've easily sorted things out if there was a way for me to strap that synthesizer to VO but looks like there should be a coco header and some programming in objective C to get such a thing working.
But now that I found VO is partially supporting this language, Can apple scripts be of any help to make this happen or will I have to deal with the folks at Apple directly?