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new user: mac air 11" with mavericks.I'm having difficulty activating website links in emails, sometimes after trying several different key commands I end up on the website & other times I give up. I cam not find the listed key command in the help, what does work? secondly: how to save email addresses in cc field of an email message? Much thanks! Catherine



Submitted by mehgcap on Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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In an email, interact with the text. Navigate to the link using normal navigation commands, or with vo-cmd-l, then vo-space to open the link. If Voiceover seems to get confused as to which link you mean, just close/get out of the message and then re-open it and try again. This almost never happens to me, though, provided I interact with the text of the message first. As to the CC field, I find the easiest way is to just hit cmd-shift-r to reply to all. The CC field will have that address in it, so I can just go to that field and copy the text. Once you're done, cmd-w to close the message (unless, of course, you actually did want to reply).

Submitted by Catherine on Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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in email inbox, I use cmd o to open message, is this what you mean by interact with text? I did try the vo cmd l which moves thru all the links; no matter where I was in the message when I used this key command. vo spacebar did open in safari on the desired webpage. more successful than my previous trial & error attempts. the reply to all did work just fine, unfortunately not as simple as add contact - helps if I know how to spell everyone's name! Thanks for your prompt help & I will check out other related items.

Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Thursday, January 23, 2014

To activate a link in a email message you have to move to the beginning of the text of the link and then you will be able to open it.