LinkedIn On The Mac

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Hi everyone. Has anybody had any luck using the LinkedIn website on a Mac computer? I was recently asked by some people at my volunteer job to check out the website, because we're apparently going to start using it more. Our founder has an account but it's not been too active and we want to change that. I've been checking out the website and it looks pretty accessible with VoiceOver in both Chrome and Safari, but confusing in some areas. For instance, I have an old account on there that I want to remove, because it is pretty outdated. I was using Windows when that account was created, and I had sighted assistance. A few of the account sections require interaction, but I'm not clear how exactly to navigate some of it. Any tips/tricks for navigating the site would be greatly appreciated.



Submitted by Ekaj on Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I'm replying to myself here. I am slowly but surely getting used to the site. I just created a profile last night, and that part was a piece of cake. None of those inaccessible CAPTCHA's to solve! So now the question is: how's the rest of the site in terms of accessibility with VO? When I checked my work email earlier this morning I already had 8 new connections from friends and a former co-worker. I'm going to explore most of today, and I'm taking my Mac with me to my parents' house and working on it over the Thanksgiving break. That is, before and after my food coma. But it looks like LinkedIn is a go for me.