Is Keynote accessible with Voiceover?

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Hi all, streight down the middle question. I was wondering is Voiceover accessible with Apple's Keynote app for the Mac platform. By this I mean can we create a presentation independently from the beginning and create slides our selves, put text in them etc. I don't know nothing about Keynote from using it with VO because I have never messed with that app which is why I'm asking for those who are experienced in this area to tell me if it can be done or not. I am running Moountain Lion V8.2 and Keynote V5.2 if this is of any help. Thank you and I look forward to hearing your comments.



Submitted by Toni C on Saturday, October 20, 2012

This podcast might be helpful.

Submitted by Bryan Jones on Sunday, October 21, 2012

While I can't offer a "straight down the middle" yes-or-no answer, I can tell you I've been able to create several individual slides as well as lengthy presentations using Keynote on my Mac and have found it to be a nicely accessible process. Having used the iWork suite for the majority of my coursework over the past year, I feel the most important element to master is the Inspector. It holds the key to many aspects of formatting in Keynote, Pages and Numbers. One feature of Keynote that is not very accessible using VO is the "slide show" mode. This is the mode one will likely use when playing the presentation through an external display. While it is possible to start the slide show and to move forward and backward through the slide show using the standard Keynote navigation keys, there is no way to have VO indicate which slide is currently being displayed. The same feature is missing from the current IOS version of Keynote. The podcast mentioned in Toni's reply is a good one and features Anne Robertson. I attribute a large part of my success with iWork to the lessons I had with Anne and her husband Archie via Skype. Information on their iWork lessons can be found at HTH, Bryan