I've messed up a couple of tracks in my iTunes

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Hi guys,

I downloaded an album onto my Mac earlier but because of my dodgy internet, one of the tracks didn't download properly, and for some reason the track would show as downloaded, play fine on my computer, but when I synced the album to my iPod Nano, that one track wouldn't play. I know it wasn't playing from my iCloud because I switched my wifi off and it still played fine on the Mac.

I probably should have asked on here then but I did my usual thing of messing about with it lol, anyway after syncing a few more times didn't work I deleted the song then found out there was no way of redownloading it again. The check for available downloads option showed all downloads were complete, and the song still showed as purchased in iTunes store.

Any suggestions on how to get the track back? Or should I wait for the receipt email and report it from there? Luckily the rest of the album is fine, it's just the first track.



Submitted by dvdmth on Thursday, June 18, 2015

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I had this happen a few times over the past several months. The track can be redownloaded, but you may have to quit and relaunch iTunes before it realizes the track isn't on your computer.

When it happened to me, I got an alert saying the download failed. In spite of the error, the track was listed in my library, but it would not sync to any devices. Looking at my purchases in the iTunes store showed that all items had been downloaded, and there was no option to download the missing track. After quitting and relaunching iTunes, the track was immediately recognized as not downloaded. In one instance iTunes downloaded the track immediately after launching, while in other instances I had to go back to the iTunes store, where an option to download the missing tracks showed up.