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Good evening. I have a MacBook pro. ITunes worked great until I updated to the latest software version. I am now not able to see the list of all my songs and albums. I am also not able to play the music. is there anything I can do?



Submitted by Seanoevil on Thursday, September 11, 2014

There's nothing worse than reporting a problem with a software upgrade only for someone else to say that it works fine for them.
But...I have a MacBook Pro, running the latest OS and with the most recent iTunes and it works fine for me.

Assuming that you can locate your music Library through Finder, have you tried Organising or Adding your Music to iTunes? I don't know of any valid reason why you would need to do this but I don't believe it can hurt.
If nothing els, take heart that iTunes remains accessible and I am sure that you will soon have your music sorted.
Sea No Evil.