iTunes After Upgrading to 11.1.5 and OS X 10.9.2

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After upgrading to iTunes 11.5.1 and OS 10.9.2, I encountered an anomaly in the way the column browser works. I have a lot of music in iTunes, and I typically choose songs by sorting by songs and using the column browser showing genres, artists, and albums. Before the upgrades, I could quickly go to a section by selecting , for example, the first letter in an artist's name, and scroll down from there using the arrow keys. After the upgrades, when I press the first letter of an artist's name, the VO curser will jump to the first artist starting with that letter. However, when I press the arrow key, I am immediately taken back to the top of the list. This is frustrating since I have a lot of different artists and albums and sometimes want to start scrolling through my list from the middle of the list. This isn't a serious issue since I have started sorting by artists and not using the column browser. However, I found the column browser more efficient prior to the update. I hope I explained this bug clearly. Has anyone else encountered this? I'm not sure if it arose from the OS or iTunes update. Maybe there is something that I am doing wrong. Otherwise, the upgrade to OS 10.9.2 was great.