Is it my 2019 MacBook Air or all Macs are slower than a 2017 PC?

Hi all
Some of you have been reading other posts from me regarding how to manage some basic tasks on my almost new 2019 MacBook Air.
The topic today is to ask if it is common to have my MacBook Air frozen when I do certain tasks that in my 2017 average PC have never happened.
With much ease I find my Mac getting frozen when I open a large Microsoft Word document, I'm a lawyer and I have to use a lot of laws in word format and when a document is more than 10 page long, it get stocked for like 5 minutes and VoiceOver just keeps saying "VoiceOver in use" and I can't do anything, not even shutdown VoiceOver.
Also I have other situations when this happens, and it moves me to start thinking that my MacBook is the problem, because otherwise I can't believe that a $1200 USD devise would never respond as good as a $500 USD average PC.


Yeah it's probably your MacBook

Every MacBook Air before 2020 has been a dual core device with a tiny heatsink. If you bought the base model with 8 gigs of RAM, then that probably isn't helping either.