Issues with Say All function

macOS and Mac Apps

I am having issues when using the say all command with reader mode enabled. I am using an M1 MackBook Air, last version of macOS Big Sur 11.4

Some steps you can take to try this out are:

  1. Open This article from the New York Times
  2. Enable reader mode by pressing CMD+Shift+r
  3. Press VO+a to start say all.
  4. Note that when you get to the phrase "assassination of President Jovenel Moïse" reading starts over from the previous paragraph.

This is not the only web where I have experienced this issue. It seems to me that when there are links, figure elements, and other HTML block elements VoiceOver, jumps back and forth through the surrounding paragraphs, and it is difficult to make sense of what VoiceOver is saying. It is necessary to read the text block by blocks using regular VoiceOver right commands.

I'd like to know if some of you are experiencing the same issues before contacting Apple Accessibility about this.



Submitted by Craig on Saturday, July 10, 2021

Hi I am also having the same problem. I will also report this to Apple., Hopefully they will fix it soon as I believe a lot of people have reported it all ready. I am sorry to say I don't know a work around.

Happy to not be the only one, sad that such a significant issue has made its way through a stable macOS version.