Issues with MacBook Air Login Password

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I recently updated my Macbook Air 2015 to the latest version of High Sierra. But now my Macbook Air will not accept my logging password. Whenever I try to sign in with my password, I always get an error message "logging failed".I tried resetting my password via single user mode but was unsuccessful , i kept getting "Permission Denied" in the terminal.I successfully reset my password from recovery mode but when i login with the new password i still get the same error "Login Failed". What is the remedy?



Submitted by J.P. on Monday, September 3, 2018

I'm dealing with same issue on my 11in MacBook air. I have to take to Apple Store, because phone support wasn't able to remedy. Three different people tried.
I had to go back to my old 2013 MacBook Pro in the meantime. This one through me for a loop. Sorry to hear, but happy to know it wasn't just me. Good luck!