Issue with bouncing in Logic pro x with voiceover

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Hi guys. I've been having an issue with bouncing in Logic pro x.

When ever I create a project in Logic, and then I press command b and then enter my title of the song I finished creating and then press bounce again, it says the following error:

Command not available because the focused view does not support this command..

Has anyone been having this issue with Logic when bouncing? Is this some sort of voiceover issue? And is their a way of fixing this issue? Thanks, comments would be aprishiated.



Submitted by Dominique Stansberry on Thursday, August 8, 2019

Hi. Make sure your in the main window by pressing CMD+1... then try bouncing again. Also before doing so; it wouldn’t help double-checking the window to make sure the start/end time is correct. As logic likes to put the project end time at the end of the project and that could be way way far out. Or best thing to do when it comes to that is move the project end marker to the end of where your recordings stop so you don’t get nothing but effect tails at the end. And that’s depending on how long the effect tail is, such as reverb: it could be maybe a minute or two minutes long. Maybe even longer.
Hope that helps.

Submitted by Erick on Thursday, August 8, 2019

Thanks however it still doesn't work even if I set it correctly. I'm not sure what is going on here.