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I am using an iPhone 5 and added a password to it. I would like to remove the password. any suggestions as to how to remove the password? Also, I would like to increase the rate at which SIRI is speaking. I accessed the accessibilty feature and located the rate feature. I was able to increase the rate to 20% using the one finger gesture. However, I cannot increase it any further. any suggestions as to how I can further increase the rate? Regards, Phil Templet



Submitted by Jakob Rosin on Saturday, January 5, 2013

Settings>general>passcode lock enter your passcode and double tap on turn the passcode off and enter the code again. There you go. Not shure about siri so I'm not gonna confuse you with my guessings. p.s your thread is in the wrong forum.

Submitted by Holly on Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hi Phil, When using VoiceOver and siri, it isn't siri that is reading out the responses from Siri. Because Voiceover is turned on, it is reading the responses from Siri. You can't adjust the speaking rate of Siri, but since Voiceover is inabled on your phone you can increase the speaking ate of Voicover which will also increase the speaking rate of Siri. However, you said in your post that Sire is already at a speaking rate of one hundred percent, which unfortuneately is as high as it will go. Hope this helps. Holly