Introducing a new VoiceOver-enabled email app

macOS & Mac Apps

I wanted to introduce the AppleVis community to our email newsletter app, <a href="">Direct Mail</a>, which has recently been updated with full VoiceOver support. Not long ago, a member of AppleVis reached out to us with some great suggestions as to how we could make our app even more accessible to low-vision users. Her email inspired us to revisit every feature of Direct Mail with an eye towards improving the accessibility experience. We hope that the changes we've made will open up the app to even more users.

If you have not used Direct Mail before, it is a powerful app for designing great looking email newsletters, managing and growing mailing lists, and tracking email campaign analytics. We recently celebrated our 15 year anniversary and are proud to have happy customers around the globe. We hope you give it a try, and also hope that someone will submit it to the AppleVis Mac App Directory :).

You can find the app available for free download at <a href=""></a&gt;.

I would also love to hear any feedback you might have, including any suggestions for additional accessibility improvements.



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