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Hello all! I'm currently working on launching an internet radio station, and would like to broadcast from my Mac. So, I'm currently looking for a radio broadcasting / automation software that would also work well with VO. Do any of you have any suggestions for such a program? I know there is RadioLogic which I looked at... The main problem with that, though, is that I cannot seem to be able to access any playlists, e.g. for the program list or the library. Does anyone on here possibly know more about this topic? Many thanks for any suggestions! :-) Robin



Submitted by Brandt on Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hi, I am looking for the same. Use to broadcast from Windows with SPL studio, but no go for them porting to the mac. I have looked at Nicecast as well, but cannot seem to figure the thing out.

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hello to all I did a podcast, well sort of, but I cannot in good faith release it due to quality control issues. I did write a blog post here explaining in detail and links to the products you will need. I don't use automation as I set that up server side, or I did when I owned a radio station a million years ago. if you want a link to the file it is here.

Hope that helps.

Hi Marrie, thank you for your reply! Unfortunately, your setup wouldn't work well for me, as I kind of need a program such as RadioLogic... It's also not so much for the automation aspect, but more since that will actually send stuff like playing track information to the server. I don't only need that to inform listeners about what's playing, but also for stream licensing reports. I've been searching for other broadcasting tools, but the others I found were either completely out-of-date or totally inaccessible... Thanks for any more advice on this issue! :-) Robin

there is a solution for that. I use djay which does all of that. I used vlc at the time as that's what I had and djay was not at the time very user friendly

I have worked wit the devs and so have other people and he has made it totally usable and a snap to use..

Hope that helps.