instlling windows using boot camp for a mac 2015 mac book

macOS & Mac Apps

hi. my sighted nehew has a 2015 mac book or mac laptop. now need to install windows 10, and got the blind help project talking installer. need to do this for a networking assignment. tried using virtual machine software like hyper v, and vm ware player and also virtual box, but accessibility or other issues, like vm ware would not support uefi, and i do have it on my asssus vivo book x 540 uar laptop. need to do this for an assignment. so is there a tutorial or any one done this. never used a mac before, so, can i then just copy the talking installer to a usb stick, then what's the steps, and also need to save screen shots for my assignment. my college uses a tool called, but they have an outage or it just does not set up or start up after waiting for ever and then an error message. when it was working, totally not user friendly and not screen reader friendly, so any tips, tricks, and what's the process. what minimum specs and not sure if he has a straight mac book laptop or a mac book pro. not sure. it is a 2015 model. let me know any links or starter tutorials. need to then install windows 10, and think he may be using a 64 bit processor, but not sure, not sure how much hard disk, maybe 512 , but not sure. have to ask him later on. so, any one had the same issue, have to install windows 10, and then inside boot camp. not sure if narrator would do this. so, the blind help project talking installer uses nvda built into it.
any ideas, suggestions. and then how to go about doing this. so do i need to then get him to install boot camp, then maybe sighted help to boot to the usb stick.
ps: need to install windows 10, then save all the screen shots, so my trainer can then verify, then need to configure things, like create 6 blank documents, create a folder in c:, do a incline upgrade for windows 10, then add desktop and task bar short cuts, then install and configure a epson printer.
any help.