Instant messaging native app: it does no longer automatically talk

macOS & Mac Apps
Hi, it often happens that I use mac's Messages app to communicate via facebook, Google talk or iMessage instantly. Since I updated to Mavericks, I noticed that the settings I prepared to make it talk automatically, do no longer work. I was used to have system voice (not voiceover's one) talking to me when a contact came on line or wen messages arrived, the speech synthesizer just read them aloud; now I do not find this kind of settings into Messages any longer. The only way to have chats read to me, is to install the third party app called Adium, but that app does not support iMessage, as far as i know. That adium has a wonderfully customizable events manager, but, if my macbook pro is full of software installed on it, I'd like to have my brand-new macbook air as clean as it can! So if I could use my native messages app as I could do before, I'd be glad. I do not know if i am doing something wrong let me know thanks!