Installing Adobe Flash player on Mac OS 10.9.3

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I'm running a MacBook pro with mac OS 10.9.3. I have a question on installing adobe flash on to the mac. I've went to Adobe's website and followed their instructions, but nothing has worked.
I've downloaded the dmg file from their website. I've opened the file that was saved in the download's folder. It presented me with the screen where it wanted me to choose whether updates should be installed automatically or not. I've selected the automatic download option. When I click the next button, nothing happens. On their website, it says to enable java script and internet plug ins under safari preferences. I've done that. I've also tried closing Safari from the activity monitor.
I don't have a previous version of flash installed.
I need to use flash to view youTube videos and other educational content.



Submitted by chris R on Sunday, October 5, 2014

Try rooting the mouse curser to the next button and performing a mouse click on it.
To root the mouse, press control-option-command-F5, then perform a mouse click with control-option-shift-space.

Also, if the next button is within a HTML content area, then try un-interacting and re-interacting with it.

Alternatively, try the youtube HTML 5 player which should dispense with the need for the flash player on YouTube content.