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Find below the review of Inquisitor's Hearbeat, written by our friend and great audiogamer, William Lomas.

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Have you ever felt your heart racing? When completing a sport, when you are nervous or excited?
Well, would you feel the same if every step meant your freedom and the chance to rescue a book that was taken from you?

Enter the world of Inquisitor’s Heartbeat! Now for Mac and PC plus iOS, and discover your fate.

In the world of the Inquisition in the 1300's, explore 35 labyrinth levels divided into 7 environmental ambiances including fire, prison, cave, and the monastery.
Using solely your ears as allies you are invited to escape the labyrinth levels, venturing ever deeper in to the environment and avoiding sentinels and beasts, plus rescuing people along the way.

The game is controlled as follows:
For iOS, swiping up, down, left and right moves one space north south west and east respectively. Then touching the center of the screen pushes pulls, and utilizes objects.

For the PC and Mac use arrow keys to move and spacebar to interact with the environment.

Using your shoreline technique (following closely the walls), you are invited to escape and rescue what is yours.
Make sure your memory is in a sharp focused mood, you're going to need it to find your way to each exit!

The game also not only has a story mode but also an infinite mode where worlds and maps are randomized every time you play.

Good luck!
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Submitted by Will on Saturday, July 19, 2014

despite what the title says this is *not( inquisitor chapter 2 the village :)