Inquisitor Audiogame Adventure - Chapter 3 "Sisters in dream" now available for Mac!

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NEW RELEASE: Inquisitor Audiogame Adventure - Chapter 3 "Sisters in dream" is now available for Mac (and PC).

GAME DESCRIPTION: The year of our Lord 1364. The village of Calcares. I, Father Nicolas Eymerich, was appointed Inquisitor General in Carcassonne, by the Abbot, Father Vinet.
I have absolute power. Here I discovered the cause of the Plague fallen on the village of Calcares: the presence of Evil, which appears here as the devil, in the form of the pagan Mother Goddess Demeter.
Not any old 'plague’: Evil is hidden in the heart of the mountain, it crumbles the flesh of the men and impregnates the women.. driving them mad... making them slaves to the pagan cult of the Goddess Diana.
Here I found my brother, Father Jacinto Corona. With him, we purged the village. With FIRE! THE FLAMES REACHED HIGH INTO THE SKY!... the fire reduced the houses to ashes... and the heresy within them!
Now the Cistercian abbey of Calcares awaits us, the smoke from the pyres of bodies rising up from the walls. There we will find the answers. We must get inside. But the huge door is closed. We must find another way in.
May the Lord accompany us on our mission today!

PRICE: 19,90€ (Euro)
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Submitted by jrjolley (not verified) on Monday, September 1, 2014

Just posted a topic in the forum without seeing this entry because you must have posted within seconds of me starting mine. Well done with the game, seems fine thus far.