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hi all,
I have got a new MacBook Pro and I want to activate the Infovox on my new MacBook.
I have deactivated the account and the voice from the old Mac, but when I add my account on my new Mac, I still can't find my credits. as far as I know, if we deactivate the account and voices from a device, we can use them on another device. is there anything I should do to activate the voice on my new Mac? and do I need to buy more credits? or I can still use the same voi on my new Mac with the same credits.



Submitted by Ahmed Hamdy on Thursday, February 15, 2018

thanks, I did all of that but the problem is that the "install all voices" is dimmed. it seems that the voice or account has not been removed completely from the other device although I deactivated it. that's why I'm confused.

Submitted by Ahmed Hamdy on Saturday, February 17, 2018

when I emailed assistiveware support, they told me that it seems on the database that my account is not activated on any machine whereas I have activated my account on the new MacBook more than once. has anyone encountered that before?