hunting for Eggs and Wine

macOS and Mac Apps

As stated above, I'm hunting for answers at least relating to 2 things. The first? Eggs! I like easter eggs, and sweet things for the most part. What I had in mind though was the well-known game for Windows, Super Egghunt.

I must say though, MR McChicken wouldn't be too happy with me even collecting the eggs in Windows, let alone the Mac. For this, I have the aid of some Wine. Unlike real wine, this one won't leave me stumbling around while running around the classic and normal fields of eggs I've so far been able to try, but it's allowed me to run it in OSX quite successfully.

My question is: Would the authorization scheme be able to run properly in Wine? EG: Would I be able to buy the full version, and run it with Wine in Mac OS as I could in Windows? The actual game is flawless otherwise.


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