How to setup automatic language switching on the Mac using Infovox iVox voices

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Hi there,
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Well, this could be of interest to many people fancying VoiceOver switching automatically from one language to another.
I have recently moved to Mac, and emailed Apple Accessibility Team about implementing this feature into future releases of OS X.
Meanwhile, I had to find a solution for this. I purchased InfoVox iVox voice credits. A friend was nice enough to come up with idea on how to make this available in VO.
So to start, you’ll need to buy two voice credits, for your native language and the language that you think you will need most after your native language, this is probably going to be English. Personally I think Sharons voice is great!
Install the voices and enjoy them for a moment then do the following:
1. Copy this line.
2. navigate to the following directory:
▸ Library ▸ Application Support ▸ Infovox_iVox ▸ AcaTTS ▸ Voices.
3. Let’s assume that your first language is Spanish and the second language is English, you bought two voice credits and got these activated. The interface of your system is English and basically you’ll not have autoswitching available. Open the voice folder of the other language that is not the language of the interface, and find the file with the name ending with 22k_HQ.conf. It should start with voice name, so if it is Ryan it should be Ryan22k_HQ.conf, Heather22k_HQ.conf etc.
3. The file is not supported by default, use TextEdit to open it.
4. Go to the end of the file and paste the copied line above just above the final line, i.e. QuickNav off, press CMD+down arrow, up arrow once CMD+left arrow, return, up arrow.
5. Now the line includes eight x’s, four all together and two separated by comma at the end. Replace the first four with your language first two letters, if starting with the language that is not your system interface language. So if it is French and English and the language of the interface is English that should be FREN, Arabic and English and the interface language is English AREN etc.
Now the two X’s between left and right parentheses and separated by a comma should be replaced with the names of your two purchased voices, starting with the voice language that is not your interface language, so if you purchased Heather voice for English and Thomas voice for French and your system interface language is English it should read: (Thomas,Heather).
The following line assumes that you are running Thomas and Heather voices, and you have French and English as your first and second language and your OS interface language is English:
There is an available demo version of iVox voices for the mac, so you can try whatever and however voices and try the autoswitch before you decide to purchase the voices.
Check out this link:
Infovox iVox 4.2 (Mac OS X 10.6 or later)
This is not something I came up with, so in case you are having difficulty and I was unable to help please apologise my ignorance.



Submitted by Mohammed Al-shara on Monday, November 23, 2015

Hi Mohammed.

I have just asked my contact in Acapela and he confirmed that what you have found is true and official. this is a new feature that will be announced soon. That's the most sought after feature for me in the Mac. can't wait to try it, so thanks much for your findings.

Submitted by AppleVis on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

AssistiveWare has confirmed to us that if you have purchased the Infovox iVox voices it is legal to use them to setup automatic language switching on the Mac as described above.

Submitted by Ramy Moustafa on Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hello Mohamed, 1st allow me to contact you privately because there were years we didn't speak. you can contact me on
2nd, must I percious the 2 voices from Accabella to make the auto switching? and til now they didn't put a better way to make the auto switch easier than that?

Submitted by Maldalain on Thursday, October 13, 2016

Yeah, you need to purchase two voice credits. Also you can try the voices before you buy them. Unfortunately up to now they've not released anything to facilitate the process. Good luck.

Submitted by Ramy Moustafa on Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Hi Mohamed:
After updating my Infovox engine, i repeated the steps to activate the automatic switching.
but i got very confused, just from the sentence that is about replacing the 2 letters from the 1st and 2nd language instead of the 4 xs.
you used an example as french and english, the 1st 2 letters is F and R, and the 1st 2 letters in English is E and N as the EN in the french, i thought that i must type the hole word.
So can you add more explanation for this please?

Thanks in advance