How To Read A Pdf Document With Voiceover For Mac?

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Hello everyone. Does anyone know of an App on the Mac that could read a Pdf with Vo+A that has Tables, Links, and much more? I know that Voiceover is now capable of reading Tables but can someone please suggest an app so Voiceover reads the document straight all the way? Please reply as soon as possible.



Submitted by Justin on Monday, October 30, 2017

In MacOs high sierra, PDF support is greatly improved with VO. In preview for instance, VO reads perfectly. The only real thing, which is not a big deal, is you can't do a read all command and it will read the document like you can in say text edit.

Submitted by Mary on Monday, October 30, 2017

In reply to by Justin

Well, to me, this not being able to read continuously is a show stopper. I guess maybe you read only short documents, and even then, having to arrow constantly is downright primitive. I've tried Preview and also the Acrobat DC product that had some positive comments here on AppleVis. Nothing has worked. VO won't even read an entire page straight through, much less a document. This is frankly not acceptable, after years of waiting. Windows users have been able to do this for many years now. I'm happy for those who think not being able to read without getting carpal tunnel as a consequence is "no big deal". It is a deal breaker for me.