How to get Previous and Next to work on Now Playing on Touch Bar

macOS & Mac Apps

I recently got a new mac with the touch bar and I cannot seem to figure out how to activate the previous and next buttons in the now playing section of the touch bar. I can double tap on the play/pause button and it will pause my music, but I can't seem to be able to do this to skip or rewind tracks. If I go to the standard set of buttons, as in the old macs where the functions are distributed to each function key, then rewinding and skipping seems to work. But That takes more time to get to so I was wondering how to do it from the now playing section. I hope this is not a bug and that it simply has to do with distinguishing between say fast forward and skip being done by the same button, since I use this command often.
Similarly, I was browsing the web and there was a video add or something along those lines, and instead of playing and pausing my music from the now playing section, it kept playing and pausing the safari add even though I had safari in the background.

I am still new to the touch bar so any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance.