How to flip through pages in iBooks?

macOS and Mac Apps

My question might look ridiculous, but how to flip through pages in iBooks properly? I have tried both ways - with quick navigation and without, but in both cases the reading is a total disaster. You just can't flip to next page because the app returns you to the previous one, and this happens very often.

Thank you in advance for helping.



Submitted by tirablue on Thursday, April 5, 2018

To flip forward using voiceover, perform a 3 finger swipe. Swiping right turns the page forward and swiping left turns it backward. Without voiceover on, it's just a simple one finger flick left or right. You do also have the option of continual reading with voiceover, as you can perform the two finger flick down gestures and it automatically turns pages for you. I hope this helps.