How do I increase upper limit on select & read aloud speed?

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Hi Everyone,

I am a new member and am very excited to learn from everyone. I did a quick search and found one part of the forum where people discuss how to change the upper limit of the speech rate for TTS using voiceover. However, I don't see anywhere explaining how to do that for the regular select and speak out loud feature. I am someone who was more as a zoom text user on Windows systems–so for me using a combination of the screen magnifier with the occasional select and speak out loud is a good fit. However, all of the Mac voices are far too slow with her upper limits.

I looked at the voices you can download, but none of them really seem to be much faster on the high end then the default voices.

Are there any third-party voices that maybe a good fit?

Any suggestions of how to get at the settings in terminal? Again this is not for voice over, so I think this would involve using the main system voice settings.

I am a brand-new MacUser so any help is more than welcome.

Thank you all so much for having this amazing resource.