How to do fine trimming with Quicktime Player

macOS & Mac Apps

I have the task of taking a MP3 file and trimming it down to less than 2 minutes run time. My son needs the song for his talent show, and I need to cut out some pieces of the song so the end result is 2 minutes or less.
I understand how to open the MP3 file in Quicktime, and how to begin trimming with Cmd T. I can interact with the end slider and move the slider in increments of 5% by using VO left or right arrow. I can move in increments of 1% by issuing VO Shift left and right arrow.
My do you move in increments of 0.1%? If a sighted person, with VO off, drags the slider they are shown the time in seconds and they can move in increments less than 1%. How can we do that with VO?
Thanks a bunch.