How accessible is OS X as a primary machine for programming for non-apple devices?

macOS & Mac Apps


I'm debating whether or not to get a MacBook for my new job. Since I haven't used a Mac for about two years, I was wondering how the accessibility landscape has changed, in terms of allowing users to be productive.

My previous problems with the Mac OS X were these:

  • VoiceOver is not as not responsive as something open-source like NVDA. The fact that VoiceOver is trying to speak with as much a natural voice as possible seems to have lowered its responsiveness. Subtle breath noises might be fun when you're reading text, but when editing code, they are a gimmick that lowers your speed of reading a function.
  • Line indentations do not get pronounced, and there is no option to turn them on.
  • It takes too many keystrokes to switch to pop-up windows. Yes, they are accessible, but it feels like it generally takes more time to do this sort of thing with Mac OS X.
  • Reading code on the web, specially code with syntax highlighting, is near impossible because you would have to navigate to every single word since it has been styled differently.

So, I'm wondering if the state of accessibility has changed in the last two years in these regards. In particular, are you a programmer who is not programming for Mac OS X and IOS? How has your experience been?



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